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Across the globe, search engines are being utilized daily by people. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary to design a flawless website. The search engine is an essential part of the online marketing business. The foremost purpose of any business is to achieve profit. The aim is to have a finer cost of capital. You can bring your website in the top 10 Google search results, there are few steps to pull off to the goal.




Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google to track, perpetuate, and analyze troubles in Google search results. Search console helps you to work on how Google recognizes your website in SERP. Achieving top rank in Google results is quite a difficult task as you have to make your website up to date with good marketing strategies in advance. So to get noticed by Google you don’t need to enlist a website in the Search Console.

Actually, with the help of Google Search Console, your website can be assessed by Google itself. Therefore, this tool is one of the important factors in SEO.Google Analytics is a free tool that provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction and how users locate your website.

Google Analytics identifies the most visited pages and links with the objective of interpreting and optimizing websites performance by providing data of visitors’ interaction with the website. Hence leverage Google  Search Console and analytics to track the growth of the business. 

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Creating your content distinct from other content is a key factor of SEO success. For any website content plays an important role as it is considered the core body of the website. Therefore, to make content original is a fundamental rule of SEO and its algorithm as it influences the websites ranking in SERP. Plagiarism must be avoided at any cost.

Presenting article/content should be solely unparallel from the other contents to avoid penalty, for submitting duplicate content, by Google. Though it’s difficult to create totally unique content, to rank top in SERP high quality, uniqueness, and optimization of content are required for SEO success.



Keywords play a crucial role in enhancing website content to elevate rank and acquire more traffic in Google results. Keywords should be illustrative so as to generate ample clicks for SEO websites. Search engine optimization keywords are phrases in web content that makes people notice your website via search engines.

There are different ranges of keywords such as low, medium keywords. Hence, choosing the right and relevant keywords and phrases is an important aspect of SEO success. 


Backlinks are an important factor in SEO success as they determine the importance of the website in SERP. Backlinks are basically the conversation between websites. A backlink is a hyperlink that links one website with another website. These links are also called inbound links. There are two types of backlinks –

  •  No-follow backlink
  •  Do-follow backlink

No follow backlink: This link doesn’t allow search engine bots to follow your links. Only humans can follow these links. It neither helps to boost page rank nor website ranking and has zero SEO value. It is actually a notice for search engines not to count a link.

Do follow backlink: This link is a hyperlink that allows search engines and humans to follow them. “Do follow” links can help to increase page rank, gain more SEO points, which makes your website perceptible in SERP.

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Millennials are attracted and intrigued by handheld devices for everything from reading news, email to access online bank accounts. Implementing different tools and technology to make a website user-friendly for all types of devices, so that users can have a better experience is a key aspect of SEO. This way the website looks smart and generates more visitor attraction




Creating contextually related interlinks are crucial factors for any successful SEO website. Interlinks connect internally one page to another page in the same domain. These links give hierarchy to the website and users can navigate within the website. Adding pertinent links to the content makes visitors stay longer, pleasant, and meaningful



By optimizing websites mobile-friendly, SEO will be more effective as millions of internet users browse websites through their mobile daily. Many companies don’t understand the significance of making a website mobile-friendly, as it causes damage to both the SEO purpose and audience cognizance skip off your pages which hurts the businesses as well as the ranking.

Everyday technology evolves becoming more advanced and portable. From large computers to desktops to handheld devices, technology has evolved in leaps and bounds. Mobile-friendliness impacts websites conversion rate. So if your site doesn’t function well on smartphones then users may not purchase products from the website, which may risk losing business. Therefore, it is extremely important to make your website well suited with handheld devices across various operating systems such as ios and android to Chrome, opera, firefox, etc.

So to achieve more leads to your business and holding the top position in SERP creating a website updated, smart, advanced, and fast is a crucial factor in SEO.




Page speed is directly linked with SEO ranking and is related to google algorithm speed update by increasing the bounce rate. On the average web, visitors wait for a maximum of 3 seconds to upload a page. So to avoid this error there are few steps to be followed:

  • Imply media queries to layout
  • Bring down the size of the image dimension
  • Use appropriate meta tags in HTML testimony
  • Video download should be faster
  • Make sure the website is accessible and comprehensible on mobile devices.




E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It is used by human quality raters to understand the quality of Google search results but not direct ranking factors. Since August 2018 this has come into the spotlight in different SEO articles and discussions. E-A-T plays an important role in how to improve credit score. 

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Taking care of user experience is one of the major factors of SEO strategies. Customers are the most important stakeholder of your business so responding quickly to their queries on a timely and regular basis is important.

Online marketing business solely depends on customers’ interaction with your website, hence treating them with good knowledge about your website is crucial and first and foremost duty. This way you can build a good network.

To strengthen and interface with your network you need to understand which section of your website they are engaging the most. It will eventually increase users’ visibility in your website and will help to raise your website rank in SEO. 

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