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Advanced Google Analytics Course Training – Certification Program

Build a solid foundation in Google Analytics Tool and cover topics including implementation, configuration and optimization. Track Goals, Funnels, Events, eCommerce products and Conversion to add context to your daily reporting.

We believe Google Analytics Course Training sessions should be built around the needs of every Online marketing professionals and individuals from Certified Trainers

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Overview of Google Anlytics Course

We leverages Google Analytics in all Digital marketing activities like Google Adwords, SEO, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing  for various websites and Mobile Applications. Our holistic approach to Digital marketing makes you great choice for any company looking to improve their bottom line for generating Audience reports using Google Analytics

This Advanced Google Analytics Course Training will arm you with the Real-Time practical knowledge and skills you need to transform this wealth of data into increased performance and better strategic decisions.

Whether you are new to web analytics tools like Google Analytics, here is the place to learn from very tenured instructors will start from the real basics to advanced and custom reports generation concepts.

Google Analytics Course Content:

  • Introduction about Google Analytics Tool
  • Why Google Analytics is Important for every website or App
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Brief about Google Analytics Account limits
  • Setup Google Analytics to Website or App
  • Customizing your Google Analytics setup from Admin Panel
  • Create Custom reports dashboards and custom attributes
  • Brief about Properties and its limits
  • Brief about Views and its limits
  • Google Adwords Integration
  • How to create Custom Reports as per client’s requirement
  • Enhanced eCommerce Tracking Setup and Reports

Learn Advanced GA Account setup / configurations as below:

  • Setup Google Analytics into Primary and sub domains or App
  • How to create multiple environmental Views?
  • How to add multiple Properties in Single GA Account?
  • Apply objectives, KPIs for client’s website
  • Create and Track perfect working Goals and Funnels
  • Referral Exclusion List Setup
  • Cross Device Tracing setup
  • Cross Domain Tracking Setup
  • Create User ID Views and Tracking
  • Understanding User ID and Client ID
  • Configure and track internal search queries
  • Create advanced  Segments
  • Brief about filters and its setup in GA
  • Create GA Account level Filters
  • Create Views level filters and assign to users
  • Create Custom Dimensions
  • Create Custom metrics
  • Create Content Groups using RegEx
  • How to exclude referral Traffic from GA reports
  • How to block Internal Traffic
  • How to block Developers and CS team Traffic
  • Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • Google Adwords Integration and Campaign Tracking
  • Regular expressions concepts
  • Brief about users and sessions in GA
  • How to reduce referral traffic to you website
  • Setup Standard Ecommerce Tracking
  • Setup Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for products and Sales
  • Create custom Alerts and Automated Emails
  • User Management

Learn what type of visitor’s reports you generate from GA and HOW:

  • Real Time/Live Visitors Tracking
  • Track Visitors from various sources and medium?
  • Monitor Goals and Funnels visualization
  • Collect Event tracking data from GTM
  • Webpage Scroll-depth Tacking using GTM
  • Track Form/PDF downloads
  • External Links Tracking in GA
  • Google Adwords Campaign Tracking
  • Track Ad Copy Clicks, Impressions and Goals
  • Track Google Adwords conversions
  • Get High CTR and top ranking Keywords from GA
  • Get Visits and Events from Social Media sites
  • Collect visitor’s Search queries Data
  • How do we Collect search Keyword’s Clicks, CTR and Impressions?
  • Generate Organic/ Direct/Social Traffic reports
  • Exporting Data to Excel and other tools
  • Understanding FaceBook and Other Referral Traffic
  • How to measure Quality of Organic Traffic and enhancements
  • Landing pages tracking using advanced filter options
  • Create custom Acquisition reports

Why should you take Google Analytics Training?

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and widely used web analytics tool by top companies across the globe current market.
  • 70% of leading companies say analytics is integral to how they make decisions – IBM Study
  • Google Analytics is being used by 52.9% of all websites – marketingland.com
  •  Google Analytics Tool is important tool for every business – primepixels
Why most of the Students choose us
• Training from Real-Time Working Professional Only
• It is 100% Job Oriented Training Program
• Trainer give access to Live GA Account to Practice
• Free Resume Writing
• Technical Support even after Course Completion
• Backup Classes for missing topics
• Career Counseling
• Job Profile optimization Techniques on online JOB Portals
• Practical Knowledge Training on Every Topic
About Google Analytics Trainer Profile
  • Trainer is Current Working in Top MNC Company in lead role
  • 9+ years of Total IT Experience with multiple roles like SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, web Anlytics like PIWIK, HOTjar
  • Trained 150+ students Classroom and Online on GA
  • Trainer is well qualified,  had rich industrial and teaching experience

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