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Technical SEO Course Training with Live Project
ChatGPT, G-Gemini + MidJourney

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Technical search engine optimization SEO Course with AI Tools and Live Project + JOB Placement

Gain cutting-edge skills and boost your  Career / Online Business with our Advanced Industry-relevant Technical SEO marketing course. Transform your knowledge with practical sessions, case studies, and the latest SEO tools. Join Now !

Focus on hyper-practical lessons ensures maximum impact, empowering you with skills directly applicable in the real world project / Website.

  • 25 Hours Live Training + 40 Hours Practice Sessions
    • ChatGPT + G-Gemini and other AI Tools
    • Both Online / Offline Sessions
    • Learn from Basics of SEO to Latest Online Marketing techniques
    • 100% JOB Placement Support
    • Google Certification
    • Resume and LinkedIn Review Sessions
    • Zero Coding Skills Required
    • Daily Tasks and Assignments
    • Practice on Client’s Website + Tools
    • Domain + Hosting + WP Website Design
    • Get Divi WordPress Theme for FREE worth 20K INR
    • Hurry Up Limited Seats per Batch!

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    Overview of Search Engine Optimization Course

    This Technical SEO course offers a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization and covers essential SEO techniques and AI tools.

    It equips students to adopt a data-driven approach to optimize websites for search engines, ultimately improving visibility and driving organic traffic.

    Participants will learn to create effective SEO strategies by mastering key areas such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, site architecture, and performance optimization.

    • Understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in this process.
    • Key benefits of using ChatGPT + AI tools for SEO Growth.
    • Learn how to use ChatGPT for SEO
    • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
    • Why is SEO Important?
    • How SEO Works and Helps Businesses for online presence?
    • Keywords Research and Analysis
    • On-Page SEO Optimization
    • Technical SEO Implementaion
    • OFF-Page SEO Optimization
    • Domain Registration and Hosting
    • WordPress Website Design
    • Google Analytics 4 (GA4 Advanced)
    • Google Webmaster Tool (GSC)
    • Reports and Analysis
    • SEO Tools
    • Generative AI Tools (ChatGPT, GeminI, MidJourney, Leonardo AI)
    • Create topical maps and topical authority with ChatGPT
    • Learn best practices for using ChatGPT to improve SEO rankings
    • Practice on Live Project (Client’s website)

    Benefits of Tacking up This SEO Course:

    • Live Session + Project
    • 100% Job placement **
    • Online/offline Classes
    • Video Recoded Sessions Access
    • 9+Years Expert Trainers
    • Resume + LinkedIn Profile evolution
    • Free Lifetime Access-Recorded sessions
    • Real-time Concepts & Scenarios
    • Task/Assignments on live projects
    • Get Industrial Working Reports and Documents access, NO One Share
    Best Technical SEO Course Training with Live Project

    What is Technical SEO?

    Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website to be indexed and crawled quickly by the search engines and web bots to improve your/Client website rankings in SERP.

    In other words Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings.

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    Importance of Technical SEO for businesses and websites

    Google and other major search engines using Machine Learning adn Artificial Intelligence technologies that help are helps to display relevant website to users with the best possible results for their search query. 

    A well-optimized website can attract more visitors, generate more leads, and ultimately, increase conversions and revenue.

    Who can learn SEO and what are the skills required?

    • Any Graduate with a decent amount of Computer skills & Analyzing skills
    • Fresher Graduates / Beginners, Website / Business Owners and Others
    • Working Professions who want to Up skill and Career Change
    • Who wanted to do Freelancing projects/Work from Home/Self Employment
    • Business Owners for analyzing their Traffic and sales

    Keywords Analysis and Research:

    • What is a Keyword?
    • About Keywords Analysis Tools
    • Comprehensive Keyword Research
    • How to Analyze competitive Keywords from 1000+ list
    • Short Tail and Long Tails Keywords
    • Primary and Secondary Keywords
    • Keyword Cannibalization
    • How to Analyze Target Keywords using ChatGPT 4.0

    On-Page Optimization Topics:

    • Title Tag
      • Best Practice on ChatGPT to Write Compelling Title Tag (Get ChatGPT Prompts )
      • Meta Description
    • Best Practice on ChatGPT to Write Compelling Meta Description (Get ChatGPT Prompts)
  • URL Rewrite/ Optimization
  • Heading Tags Optimization (H1, H2, H3,.. H6)
  • Image Optimization
    • How to Create AI Images using ChatGPT, DELL-E, Leonardo AI
  • What is Search Intent?
  • Explore each Search Intent Types (4 Types)
  • Blog/Article Content Writing and Optimization
    • How to Write Google Friendly Content using ChatGPT3.5, 4.0
    • How to Write Article Outline using ChatGPT3.5, 4.0
    • Get ChatGPT Full prompts for FREE
    • How to write article content from YouTube Videos using ChatGPT
  • Keywords Density and Formula
  • What are Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them?
  • Google Latest Algorithms and Trends
  • Technical SEO Topics:

    • Sitemap file (XML/HTML) Create, Submit and Validate (on Live Server)
    • Robot.txt file Create, Submit and Validate (on Live Server)
    • .htaccess File (on Live Server)
    • Canonical URL
    • Redirects (301, 302)
    • Internal/External links
    • Do-Follow and No-Follow Links
    • How to Create Anchor Link and Anchor Text in right way
    • What is Page Indexing?
    • What is Web Crawler (Web bot)?
    • How to increase Crawl Budget?
    • How to Optimize Websites to Improve Speed?
    • How to Index New URLs Faster?
    • How to resolve Page Indexing Issue from Web bots?

    Off-Page Optimization Topics:

    • Search Engine submission
    • Articles submissions
    • Video, Images Promotions
    • Documents/PDF Submission
    • Guest blogging/Posting
    • How to select a website that is eligible to submit a client website?
    • What are the rules / instructions you should follow while doing Link Building?
    • How to determine the quality website?
    • What are DA, PA and TF Values?
    • How to Analyze DA, PA and TF Values?
    • What is a Spam Score?
    • How to Decrease Spam Score?

    Domain + Hosting Topics:

    • Domain Registration
    • Website Hosting
    • Domain Integration
    • SSL Certification to Domain
    • Get Premium Divi WordPress Theme for Free Life Time Access worth 20,000 INR

    WordPress Website Design Topics:

    • WordPress Installation
    • Advanced Level WordPress Setup
    • Create Secured WP Database Creation
    • Install WP Themes
    • Pages Creation & Live
    • Blog Post Creation & Publish
    • Required Plugins Installation
    • Get Premium Divi Theme for Free Life Time Access worth 20,000 INR
    Technical SEO Course Training Practices on Live Project

    Google Search Console - GSC Topics:

    • Google Search Console Account Setup
    • URL inspection
    • Sitemap Configuration
    • URL removal process and Instructions
    • Pages Crawl Reports
    • Page Indexing Reports
    • Search Queries Analysis
    • Website Content Optimization using Search Queries
    • Tool Access: YES

    Google Analytics 4 Tool - GA4 Topics:

    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Audience/ Traffics Tracking
    • Different Traffic Sources
    • Behavioral Tracking
    • Goals Setup
    • Tool Access: YES

    Latest Generative AI Tools:

    • ChatGPT Free and Premium
    • Google Bard (Gemini)
    • ChatGPT DELL-E Premium Version
    • Midjourney
    • Leonardo AI

    Latest SEO Trending Tools:

    • Keyword Planner Tool
    • ScreammingFrog Tool (Paid Version)
    • SEMRush, AHrefs
    • Google Page Speed Test Tool
    • GTMetrix, PingDom
    • Google Trends
    • SEO WP PlugIns

    Why do you get Training from us?

    Get training from us because we offer more than just theory—we provide hands-on experience through live projects, ensuring you’re fully equipped for the real-world challenges of SEO.

    Our expert-led courses are tailored to elevate your skills and boost your career prospects with job placement support.

    Our technical SEO training goes beyond traditional methods to incorporate cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT and other AI tools.

    Learn how to leverage these trending AI tools effectively to enhance your SEO strategies and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

    Don’t settle for average; choose excellence with our comprehensive technical SEO Course with AI Tools and Best Practice on Live Project.

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    SEO Optimization Tools Cover

    Google Keywords Planner Tools for SEO

    Google KW

    google search console seo optimization

    Google SC

    screaming frog url analysis tool

    Screaming Frog

    google analytics for seo audience reports


    SEMrush SEO tool for website analysis


    seo ahrefs website analysis tool


    chatGPT for SEO content optimization


    Google gemini for SEO content optimization


    Leonardo ai image generator for SEO


    Midjourney ai image generator for SEO


    perplexity for SEO


    google trends for seo

    Google Trends

    Technical SEO Course FAQs

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    SEO Stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is the process of improving visibility of a website when people search for products / services/information related to a business in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

    Why is SEO important for every website?

    SEO is the key factor and practice of digital marketing strategies. SEO can help your website rank top on Google and other search engine results pages (SERP) and get visitors /audience to the website, increasing online Sales.

    Why are people interested in Search Engine Optimization?

    SEO is a great way to generate website traffic for free and reach potential customers. On top of that, when you get leads through SEO, they tend to be higher quality leads with ROI for the simple fact that people search with intent.

    What are the steps to get started with SEO?

    There are various steps of SEO but the core concepts are categorized in these formats ON Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, Technical SEO. Under these there are various techniques and steps too.

    What is the future scope for SEO?

    The online presence of business in every industry has been drastically improved in this era & SEO is playing a vital role in bringing visitors to the website and all the companies are spending a huge sum on SEO. It’s one of the most demanded roles with plenty of job opportunities.

    What is Technical SEO, and why is it important for my website?

    Technical SEO refers to the technical optimization practices that can be used to improve the performance and visibility of a website. It encompasses factors such as website architecture, mobile optimization, website speed, and more. Technical SEO is important because it can significantly impact your website’s ability to attract organic traffic and improve your search engine ranking.

    What are some of the benefits of taking a Technical SEO course online?

    Taking a Technical SEO course online can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your website for search engines and increase its visibility and ranking. Some of the benefits of taking a Technical SEO course online include the convenience of learning from home, the ability to learn at your own pace, and the opportunity to gain practical experience through live projects.

    How long does it take to learn Technical SEO online?

    The amount of time it takes to learn Technical SEO online can vary depending on your current knowledge and experience level, as well as the complexity of the course you choose. Some courses can be completed in a few weeks, while others may take several months or longer. At endtrace you can learn Technical SEO course in just 20 days with best practice.

    What are some of the benefits of taking a Technical SEO course online?

    Taking a Technical SEO course online can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your website for search engines and increase its visibility and ranking. Some of the benefits of taking a Technical SEO course online include the convenience of learning from home, the ability to learn at your own pace, and the opportunity to gain practical experience through live projects.

    What should I look for in a Technical SEO course online?

    When choosing a Technical SEO course online, it’s important to look for a course that covers a comprehensive range of topics, from the basics of Technical SEO to advanced optimization techniques. Look for a course that provides hands-on experience through live projects and case studies, and that is taught by experienced instructors who have a proven track record in Technical SEO.

    Is there a future for SEO & Will SEO Exist in next 5 years?

    SEO is not dying, instead it is evolving and changing into much more than previous, the future of SEO in 2022 also includes creating evergreen content. Content is a critical component.

    Who Can Learn this SEO Course?

    Learning SEO doesn’t require any professional graduation. You can rather start with your Diploma or 10+2 with minimum qualification but to understand the concepts it’s better to hold any graduation.

    What are the prerequisites to learning SEO?

    There is no specific prerequisite to learn SEO. You should have Interest, Dedication and Basic English & Computer Knowledge only. Knowledge on basic HTML is add-on for writing SEO Meta tags.

    Why Should You Invest in SEO Training?

    Then SEO is an essential skill you’ll need to accelerate your marketing efforts! Because the first page results on search amount to more than 67% of all clicks. Meaning, SEO must be prioritized if you want your website to be visible & appear in the first page results of Google.

    Do you provide Placement Assistance?

    Yes, we provide placement assistance. We help candidates become well-prepared for interviews by offering resume preparation, career guidance, and technical skills

    What are some of the skills I can expect to learn in a Technical SEO course online?

    A Technical SEO course online can teach you a range of skills, from the basics of website structure and optimization to advanced techniques for improving website speed, mobile optimization, and content optimization. You can also learn how to perform a Technical SEO audit, identify and fix common technical issues, and implement best practices for website optimization.

    Are there any prerequisites for learning Technical SEO online?

    While there are no formal prerequisites for learning Technical SEO online, having a basic understanding of web browser like chrome, Mozilla firefox, Opera and internet surfing can be addon and helpful. It’s also important to have a willingness to learn and a passion for improving your website’s search engine ranking..

    What is the Delivery Modes Classroom or Online?

    Mode of training will be flexible. We have both online & offline with live instructor, we also provide pre recorded sessions, and real world documented material too.

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