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Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud Course online

Endtrace is a leading provider of salesforce marketing cloud training courses. The online training course helps you learn the intricacies of marketing cloud and equip you to handle any campaign with ease.


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Expert-led, practical sessions: 

The sessions are led by our expert trainers who will guide you through real-time scenarios and provide hands-on experience using the platform. This way you can get a deep understanding of the basics and work your way up to advance features in order to deliver complete value for money.

Real time learning

You don’t need to know anything about marketing cloud before enrolling into this course – we will start from scratch and then gradually build up your knowledge base with each session. So whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced professional, this is the ideal course for you!

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Best Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Course Online

About our Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) training program

Endtrace’s course curriculum includes practical sessions with real-time scenarios on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which will help you master all its tools.

Course content:

Topic Sub Topic
Data Basics • Data Overview
• Lists
– What is a Subscriber?
– How to Create Attributes
– How to Create a List
– How to Add Subscribers to a List
– What are the Profile and Subscription Centers?
• Data Extensions
– What is a Data Extension?
– What are Sendable Data Extensions and Non-Sendable Data Extensions?
– How to Create a Data Extension
– How to Import Data into a Data Extension
Content  • Content Builder Overview
• Uploading Assets into Content Builder
• Content Blocks
– How to Create Static Content Blocks
– How to Create Individualized Content Blocks Using Personalization Strings, Dynamic Content, and AMPscript
– How to Add Links to Content  
• Templates
– What a Template is and the Various Ways to Create One
– How to Create a Template with Locked Content
– How to Specify Specific Content to be Placed in a Content Area in a Template  
• Email
– How to Create an Email From a Template
– How to Add Multiple Content Blocks to a Single Content Area
– How to Add a Button Content Block  
Testing • Content Detective
• Validation
• Preview
• Test Send
• Approvals
Sending • Send Flow
• User-Initiated Email
• A/B Testing
• Bounce Mail Management
• Global, Master, and List-Level Unsubscribes
Analyze Your Results • Tracking Data
• Standard Reports
• Automating Reports
Segmentation • Drag-and-Drop Segmentation
– How to Create Random and Filtered Segments
– How to Create Segments Using Measures
• Refreshing Data
• Query Activity
• Audience Builder Overview
Automation • Data Activities
– Data Extract
– Import
– File Transfer
• Refresh Activities
– Filter Activity
– Query Activity
• Email Automation
– Overview of Email Automation Tools
– Welcome Series using Journey Builder
– Triggered Email
– Welcome Series Using Automation Studio


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Frequently Asking Questions SFMC

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) ?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a suite of integrated services that enables marketers to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns across channels.

SFMC consists of four components:

– Salesforce Marketing Cloud

– Salesforce Pardot

– Salesforce ExactTarget

– Salesforce Commerce Cloud

How do I learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Marketing is changing, and with it our role in the marketing ecosystem. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides marketers with the tools to more deeply engage with customers on digital channels like social media, websites, and mobile applications.
This course starts by giving an overview of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how it differs from other marketing technologies. It then dives into some of its modules, like social, web, email marketing, and more

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification is industry-recognized, globally sought after Salesforce certificates. This certification is designed to make you an expert in CRM and marketing software. You will learn to create customizations, automate tasks, and engage customers with marketing campaigns.

How much does Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification cost?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification is an excellent way to learn about the marketing software. Salesforce is the leader in this market and has all of the latest updates. The cost for training ranges from $299-$599, but many organizations offer discounts so you may be able to find one for less.

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