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Essential Google Tag Manager (GTM) Course Training

Learn in and outs of Google Tag Manager (GTM) with Google Analytics includes events, contact Form, PDF download, Email, ecommerce tracking.

This Google Tag Manager training course covers all the essential topics for SEO Analysts and Digital marketing managers. Get this course even if you have no idea what the tool is.

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Brief about Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager training helps you make possible in advanced tagging and tracking easier, even for non-developers. However, basic knowledge of HTML and HTML elements will be helpful as we talk about tracking specific items on a page, like forms. Knowledge of JavaScript is not required, but will certainly ease the learning curve for Google Tag Manager.

How Google Tag Manager training benefits to SEO and Digital marketing professionals

You get strong knowledge on Tags, Triggers, and Variables inside of Google Tag Manager and how they interact with each other. We’ll create Tags, Triggers, and Variables that are extensible and easy to maintain visitor’s data on Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager Course Covers:

Learn in-depth Google Tag Manager with hands-on experience by consultants who work day-in, day-out on Google Tag Manager.

  • Introduction about GTM
  • Google Tag Manager Account Limits
  • GTM Container Installation
  • Brief about WorkSpaces
  • Inbuilt Tags
  • Custom Tags
  • Triggers
  • Inbuilt Variables
  • Create custom Varibles
  • Folders
  • User Management Access
  • What is dataLayer?

About GTM WorkSpaces:

  • What is WorkSpace?
  • How to Use WorkSpace in GTM?
  • When to Use WorkSpaces in GTM?
  • Managing (creating, saving, and deleting) a Workspace
  • Switching between multiple Workspaces
  • Viewing changes item-by-item
  • Creating a Version or publishing a Workspace
  • Resolving Conflicts in Workspaces
  • New Workspace-related user permissions

What we cover in GTM TAGs:

  • What are Inbuilt  TAGS?
  • What is Tag in GTM?
  • About Inbuilt Tags like GA, DoubleClick, Ads Remarketing, LinkedIn, etc.
  • How to create Custom HTML Tags
  • Create Page Views Tag
  • Create Events Tracking Tags like Clicks, Downloads, Submissions, etc

What we cover in GTM Triggers:

  • What is Trigger in GTM?
  • What are the Inbuilt trigger types that can be used to fire Tags.
  • How to create Triggers?
  • How to Create Custom event Triggers?
  • Which variable syn to Triggers?
  • Regular expressions
  • About PageView, Click, Custom Event, Timer Etc.,
  • Trigger Firing
  • Trigger Blocking/exceptions  

What we cover in GTM Variables:

  • Introduction to GTM Variables
  • Overview of Inbuilt Variables
  • How to Create GA Variable.
  • User-Defined / Custom Variables
  • Create Custom JavaScript Variable
  • Create dataLayer Variable
  • Create Auto-event Variable 

Who will learn this course?

  • Anyone who is in Digital Analyst
  • Anyone who is in Web Development
  • Anyone who is in Web Designers
  • Anyone who is in Digital Marketing professionals
  • Anyone who is in SEO
  • Anyone who wants to learn Google Tag manager

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Simple & Efficient training for professionals and individuals that’s fun to learn and helps to grow your career in web analytics.

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