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Digital Marketing Specialist

Google Ads (Adwords), SEO and WordPress Consultant and Freelancer

+91 97031 81624 – [email protected]

SEO & Google Ads Consulting Summary

10 years experience implementing SEO and managing Google Ads campaigns. Specialize in Technical SEO

Audit, reports and Local SEO. Use my skills to obtain high rank and huge traffic from major search engines

like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Use my Google Ads management & optimization skills to turn losing Ads

accounts into profitable ones. I charge $15/hour.

Google Ads Account Management

My Google AdWords Management skills have been refined by managing over 10 accounts over 10 years. I

have a great deal knowledge managing accounts, Generating Leads in stagnant campaigns. I’ve managed

an account with a $20,000 monthly. Improve results by researching strategies, keywords, bids, and ads to

ensure high-quality scores, CTR, and better ROI, as of Current latest Google Ads features. Use my

knowledge to enhance your Ad campaigns and enhance the conversions. 

SEO Consulting

Google’s stake in local SEO, mobile friendliness, and website-loading speed gives key opportunities for

businesses to increase their rankings and website traffic from SERP. 

My Local SEO services deliver results in Google’s search engine rankings you require to grow and expand

your business. I can optimize your site’s SEO structure for local SEO, get you into the Google Top 3 “Map

Pack” and submit your business to trusted Local Citation SEO Directories and Aggregates. 

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Certified PPC [Google Adword ] consultant – Hire best PPC expert in India

Advanced SEO course training in Hyderabad – 100% practical

Become SEO Expert in Just 10 Day with Live Project training

A website needs SEO both on-page and off-page. A website must be mobile-friendly. Websites must Load

fast with navigation organized properly with lengthy content to please a visitor’s skimming eye so they will

stay on your website and consume your content toward an ultimate conversion.


Google changes its Search engine algorithm about several times in a year and there are over 400+ ranking

factors. It can be very complicated. I have the skills and experience to build long last optimizations. 

WordPress is one of the best platforms you will find to build a website with. We can design awesome

websites using WordPress. WordPress is a free CMS used by beginners and experts. WordPress is SEO and

mobile-friendly, scalable, and easy to share on social media.


I begin with a technical SEO audit of your site to find the technical issues, any SEO leaks. I help you to drive

more organic Google traffic using local SEO techniques to rank your website on TOP in Google’s results. By

Doing Comprehensive research of competitive Keywords regarding your products and services, we find

and pick the best relevant keywords to target and gain insight into which keywords your competitors use. 

I will also install Google Analytics if needed so you can track where your traffic is coming from. 

I set up Google Search Console and submit Yoast SEO XML-sitemaps directly to Google. 

I have insight into creating effective ads, finding untapped keywords, and optimizing WordPress for speed.


Reach PPC Specialist @    +91 97031 81624 – [email protected]


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