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The concept of e-learning is now a popular term in the learning community. With multiple choices presented in hand, individuals often come across situations where they have to decide choosing either an e-learning course or undergoing classroom training.

Due to the recent growth in e-learning platforms, lot of individuals lack the knowledge of how e-learning can benefit them and opt for classroom training. Even though, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, understanding how e-learning offers more benefits and flexibility than classroom training will help individuals make a decision on their next learning course.

Online learning platforms work to improve every aspect of the education experience. From experienced instructors to provide professional training and fully online learning environments, we are in software technology and expertise to train professional and individuals.

Here are the 5 reasons why E-Learning is effective from endtrace:


1. Personalized Learning: Learning what really is necessary

Online course learning sites offers personalized content based on the skill level of learners. Based on the skill set an individual possesses, they have the choice to select a course that fits their knowledge base. Since, Online training  courses are guided by instructors who prepare tutorials based on the understanding level of audience; it is an easier bet for students to choose which course to take to excel their career. AWS DevOps Real-time Projects Online Training in Hyderabad


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Classroom training limits learners’ perspective as the trainer has to focus on a variety of audience who might only need understanding of advanced concepts rather than going through the basics of the course. E-Learning eliminates such factors by targeting a specific set of audience.

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2. Learn at your own pace: Sit, relax and learn whenever you feel to

Ever wondered how hectic it would be scheduling your day for work as well as for learning? You would have to adjust your schedule or make some sacrifice by having an off day to work or use your holiday time for the learning period. Also, add if you have to travel to a certain place or the trainer is fast paced while you’re not and likewise.

With online learning sites, you have the flexibility of learning at your own pace. With anytime, anywhere access; learn the things you want on the go or on your work break, adding value to yourself as well as your organization. Worry no more about scheduling your work or balancing your lifestyle since you learn on your free time or whenever you feel so.

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 3. Recall anytime: Wait, what was that concept? I can’t remember PSST!

Say no to the hassle of recalling important keynotes that you forgot to write down. Imagine how comfortable and time saving it would be, when you can access the resources that you learnt from! Well e-learning is basically that…

Being in a classroom, you will always have to be attentive and write down notes so that you don’t miss concepts you find the most important. With e-learning, you have the flexibility of downloading e-books or materials provided alongside the course or watch the course to learn again. Learning made simple.

4. Not every instructor fits the student’s choice: Choose which instructor you want to learn from online

Let’s admit it. We all have been in situations where instructor has to re-explain a concept or provide a different style of teaching to let all the students understand.

Not only is this process time consuming but also puts the course behind schedule. Apart from that, you sit down at your classroom only to find out that the instructor doesn’t fit your requirements or it is too hard for you to keep your pace with the course.

in the part of Online course learning platform as the content is already fine tuned for a specific set of audience, individuals have the audacity to learn from a set of experts whomever they find comfortable to learn from.

Best Online course learning platforms - endtrace

5. Freedom to experiment: Try everything possible or fail too

We all love having freedom in life, don’t we? Especially when it comes to learning, one likes to experiment various things. Learning always starts with a failure and individuals do not like to fail in a classroom full of people. With Online course learning platforms, individuals have a room to experiment on concepts the way they want to; giving more freedom.

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E-learning lets you fail without fear opening up more room for exploring and testing new ideas that the world really needs which something not everyone can do in a classroom. Experiment all out, try and see yourself for what works for you and does not.

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6. Learning is the motive

You said 5 reasons huh? Sixth one: really? Yes, even though many factors influence either e-learning or classroom, it really is up to the individuals on how they want to progress with the medium of learning and push further since learning and experimenting the knowledge achieved is the motto.

We are here; at the summary:

As e-learning and classroom have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is really necessary for individuals to think how acquiring knowledge through a medium is essential as instructors still help learners to solve doubts and network with fellow students of similar interests for a better career choice.

Individuals just need to find the right e-learning course which meets their requirements to excel their skills in this competitive world.

Endtrace offers professional training programs and various e-learning courses. Checkout Endtrace’s e-learning courses from industry experts personalized for students to become professionals. 

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