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IBM Sterling File Gateway Course Training

? 30 hours of Instructor Led Training

Real World use cases and Scenarios 

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Our IBM Sterling FileGateWay Processing training by industry experts with real-time scenarios. It improves file transfer control and reliability, while minimizing delays and complexity.

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IBM Sterling File GateWay Online Training Course Overview

The IBM Sterling File Gateway – Managing Sterling File Gateway training course introduces Participants to the Sterling File Gateway functionality and provides the specific technical skills needed to deploy and support it. The course provides an overview of the features and provides view access on Live environment for creating routing templates, transforming file names, searching for files within a route, and reporting on file transfers.

You also learn basics of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Administration and Tuning concepts like managing user accounts, designing dashboard themes for the user accounts, and tuning business processes and the Sterling B2B Integration Suite server to meet your system performance requirements and sizing performance problems and tools to monitor and diagnose these problems.

IBM Sterling File GateWay Training Course Concepts

✔ Install and configure Sterling File Gateway

✔ Describe community, groups and users.

✔ Route Channel Templates (RCT)

✔ Build static and dynamic routing channel templates.

✔ Configure routing channels.

✔ Mailbox Management

✔ RCT, MyFileGateway and Visibility

✔ Dynamic Routes

✔ Explain the enhanced visibility to track a route.

✔ Explain container and non-container layers.

✔ Transfer a file from a producer to a consumer

✔ Discuss the procedure for Sterling File Gateway Extensibility

✔ Custom protocol overview

About IBM Sterling Sterling File Gateway

IBM  Sterling File Gateway is an application for transferring files between partners using different protocols, file naming conventions, and file formats.

Use Sterling File Gateway for movement of large and high-volume file transfers, with end-to-end visibility of file movement in a process-oriented and highly-scalable framework that alleviates file transfer challenges, such as protocol and file brokering, automation, and data security. 

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