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Best SAP Security Course and GRC Online Training – Live Sessions

Get Live sessions to learn top end principles on enhancing the security of SAP platfform from beginner to the advanced level with live use cases at SAP security Course Online Training from industry expert


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Get live sessions to learn top end principles on enhancing the security of SAP platform from beginner to the advanced level with live use cases at SAP security Course Online Training from industry expert

We deliver the best SAP Security and GRC Online training by industry experts. It helps to Understand and protect SAP Systems and sensitive Information from prohibited access in a Distributed Environment while accessing the system locally or remotely.

Our well structured SAP Security course training deals with the protection of the information from unauthorized use. Security in SAP can unlock the flexibility of the system and customize it for individual user access from various data centers. 

This SAP Security and GRC Online Course covers various SAP Security Authentication Methods, Database Security, Network and Communication Security and protecting standard users and other best practices that should be followed in maintaining SAP Environment in secure. 

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Best SAP Security and GRC Course Online – Curriculum

About our Advanced SAP Security training program:

  • We offer the Best Advance level SAP Security GRC Training by industry expert at live sessions. 
  • SAP Security GRC online Course training in Hyderabad 
  • You will learn about Integration with CUP and RAR and Proposals in PFCG and GRC.
  • Understanding SAP role, Fire fighter ID, end user ID mapping and Troubleshooting SPM and more.

SAP ECC Security Topics:

Overview of SAP
Overview of SAP BASIS
Introduction to SAP Security
    * Why we need security
    * What needs to be protected
    * From whom we need to protect
    * Implementation methodology

User administration:

  • Single user administration
  • Mass User administration
  • SECATT Script running/creation

Introduction of CUA (Central User administration)

  • CUA Configuration for different landscapes
  • Performing user administration activities in CUA
  • Distributing User/IDOCS and troubleshooting issues
    • User Groups Concept
    • Role Administration and authorizations concept
      * Overview of authorizations and roles
      * Change management process
      * Creating custom authorization objects
      * SAP Role types
      * Working with Profile Generator
      * Creating and modifying different roles
    • Authorization Group Concept
    • Missing authorization
    • Tracing the user for missing authorization.
    • Working with R/3 tables, parameters and Reports
    • SAP Security Audit.

GRC Access Control 10.0 with Implementation Methodology:

  • Introduction to Governance, Risk and Compliance10.0
  • Installation of Business Objects enterprise GRC AC 10.0
  • Connection with ERP 6.0
  • Configuration of GRC AC 10.0
  • Activation of BC sets
  • Activating the workflows
  • Time Zone / email Configuration

Introduction to Components of Access Control:

  • Access Risk Management (RAR)
  • Access Request Management (CUP)
  • Business Role Management (ERM)
  • Emergency Access Management (SPM)
  • Access Risk management
  • Configuration of Access Risk Management
  • Global SOD Matrix – Risk Rules
  • SOD Review
  • Mitigation Process
  • Remediation Process
  • Customization of Access Risk Management
  • Monthly Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Review the Risk Analysis Reports
  • Business Process Owners / SOX Controllers /SOX Audits

Access Request Management Topics:

  • Define the Workflows for Access Request
  • Define the Agents / Process /Rule ID’s
  • Standard Configuration / MSMP Workflows
  • Customization of Access Request Management
  • Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners 

Business Role Management

  • Define the Methodology
  • Define the Workflow for Role Maintenance
  • Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
  • Customization of Business Role Management
  • Emergency Access Management
  • Configuration of Emergency Access Management
  • Define the FF ID, FF Owner, FF Controller
  • Define the Workflow for Super User Access / Configure Log Reports

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SAP security and GRC Course FAQs

What is SAP Basis and security?

SAP Basics is essentially a system administration platform, it consists of middleware programs and tools that support the interoperability and portability of SAP applications across systems and databases & SAP security will secure the entire SAP administrative platform.

What is SAP security and GRC?

SAP security secures the entire SAP administrative platform and where as GRC will take care of Governance, Risk, Compliance it helps to minimize the risk and provides solutions for lowering the compliances cost and also builds trust.

What are the types of roles in SAP security?

1. Master Roles & 2. Derived Roles, where the first one will secure With Transactions, Authorization Objects and with all organizational level management. And the second role is with organizational level management and Transactions and Authorization Object copied from Master Role.

Why do we need SAP security?

SAP systems store large amounts of confidential or sensitive data it defiantly needs the high end of security also it secures the high end & confidential data it also enables whom to access the data and whom not to.

Does SAP security have coding?

It doesn’t involve any Coding; all it needs to have is system analysis

Is it easy to learn SAP security? Is SAP course tough?

It is not tough to learn, either easy too Well it only requires the system administrative knowledge.

Who should learn SAP GRC?

All the fresher’s from (B.E, B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Com & B.Sc computer) and experience professional can learn it but if any one experienced in System Administration or having solid knowledge it would be a cake walk to them.

What are the prerequisites to learn SAP Basis and SAP?

A very effective way is to start as an apprentice. Which means you join a team that has SAP already and find a mentor how coaches you day to day? However this is more luck than arrangement. Not everyone will find such opportunities.

How do I become a SAP Security?

Learn it form top end principles on enhancing the security of SAP platform from beginner to the advanced level with live used cases at SAP security Course Online Training from Industry experts @ endtrace

What is the salary of SAP fresher’s in India?

The national average salary for a SAP Fresher is ₹7,11,945 in India/fresher.

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