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Growing & Increasing Organic Traffic to your Website through SEO Techniques, Is the most challenging practice for every SEO’s and it is never-ending race for every business.Achieving to the top of Google and Increase organic traffic to website is like a distant dream. Although dramatically there is drastic change in SEO over the past decade, it doesn’t mean it was dead.

As we all know that Organic search can Generate More Traffic to website up to 51% which leads to at least 40% of revenue. So there is no point in saying it is dead. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the Art of improving your website’s performance and better rank in SERP, by doing some practices of SEO techniques.

Some time even though we work hard by using some SEO techniques, getting ranked and achieving top position in Google is very difficult, In order to overcome this, we have designed 12 steps of Advanced SEO techniques 2021 guide to increase organic traffic in the long term improvements and stable gains to your website. 

These 12 SEO Techniques or Tactics will not only fix your website problem, they also help to rank in SERP and compete with your competitor.

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“Are you ready to Drive in”, so what are you waiting for?

Here’s are the Latest SEO techniques 2022, which helps to Increase website Traffic for free

  1. Define your SEO Strategy
  2. Assess Your Website’s Current Health and Performance
  3. Identify Your Target Audience and Competitors
  4. Find New Keyword Opportunities
  5. Analyze and Research on Competitors SEO, Content& Back-links structure
  6. Optimize for your readers more than search engines
  7. Increase and Improve your Websites content& Blog regularly 
  8. Optimize short URL’s, title and description
  9. Dominate Featured Snippet
  10. Increase websites Usability, Technical SEO
  11. Use Internal Links and allow some incoming links also
  12. Blow your own trumpet by using social Media
How to Grow Organic Traffic to Website-endtrace

1. Define your SEO Strategy:

 SEO strategy is a part of Digital Marketing Strategy, Which helps to Generate More Traffic to website and improves website rank in Search engine results page. If you are planning long term seo plan then it is important to set your SEO Goal and this SEO Strategy acts as your organic traffic goal.

Important Techniques need to consider while defining SEO Strategy:

  • Technical SEO
  • Optimization the web Pages
  • Decreasing the website loading speed
  • Mobile Amp Pages
  • Branding
  • Optimizing SEO on-page factors 
  • Off-page seo Techniques, especially building quality Links 
  • Implementing seo optimized content
  • seo keywords
  • local seo solution

Your seo strategy should define all your action plans of seo techniques and practices which you will be implementing and performing up to next 6month or 1 year, it should be planned and streamlined in order to overcome certain difficulties in the process. It is easy to measure your work also.

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2. Assess Your Website’s Current Health and Performance:

In order to Increase Website Traffic for free, we need to fix some technical SEO issues before implementing your strategy, but for that, you need to analyze and audit your current performance of website, performance of your website can be seen in Google Search Console,It will give performance report of all your web pages , keywords & entire website

For free website health check up you can actually use some tools like Moz, dareboost, seositechekker. These tools will give your websites technical performance and they suggest where there is error and provide guidelines. Major Flagging technical errors such as slow java Script errors, links can be deducted.

Even though they will not provide deep performance issues provided by Google search console but they do identify major issues and highlight problem areas in which you need to resolve As soon as possible in order to improve your website performance rate.

SEO techniques to increase organic traffic - endtrace

3. Identify Your Target Audience and Competitors:

In order to get more quality Organic Traffic to your Website, Identifying your target audience/customers is the crucial part, you should not target and miss-match your audience, If you implement all seo best practices without a target audience it is waste of time and useless & No results.

 To improve your ranking on SERP and Generate more traffic to website, you need to identify your target audience. The easiest way to find your target audience is to follow your Google Analytics account. It provides great insights into your target audience are likely to be, as it allows you to pinpoint exactly who is visiting your website. 

It also gives you the revisiting data also from where they are visiting, which pages they are visiting & leaving, In which pages they are spending more time etc.

 Steps to identifying your target audience:

Step 1: Find out who and which type of audience are visiting your site

Step 2: Know whether those visitors are converting. 

Step 3: Study and Get in-depth information about the visitors 

Step 4: Segment those visitors into personas

4. Find New Keyword Opportunities:

This is the basic among all of SEO Techniques, Keywords play the key role in every website’s performance & Ranking factor, the simplest way to refine your keywords and drive more and improve organic traffic to website. Is to analyze & research on currently performing & highest ranking Keywords.

  • Peep into competitors keywords 
  • Finalize the combination of your currently performing keywords and competitors performing keywords.
  • Also do research on top ranking PPC ads keywords
  • Analyze Keywords ranking on social media, YouTube too.

 Finally, by doing this important analysis and competitors’ bag ground check you will get to know what type of keywords are actually getting ranked and which keyword you need to consider improving your ranking. From here, you can gauge how much ground there is to cover to catch up and outperform them.

5. Analyze and Research on Competitors SEO, Content& Back-links structure:


As earlier mentioned this is one of the Advanced SEO techniques 2021 we are implementing, the practice of analyzing the competitors’ data will give you the complete picture of your drawbacks and at the same time competitors’ performance strategy.

Research on your competitors’ backlinks, SEO & Content to get inspired and know the actual strategy they are following for on-page & off-page SEO techniques they are doing. Merge your strategy with their practices in order to make your websites SEO strong, Killer Content & quality Backlinks.

6. Optimize for your readers more than search engines:

  • This is a big mistake, in order to Generate More Organic Traffic to website you should not only optimize for only Search engines you need to optimize according to users also.

    Especially in 2021, the major search engines like Google Consider the metrics which include dwelling time, page visited, and more it means it will analyze how much time the user is spending and enjoying the content on your site and how many sessions he is spending on your WebPages.

     So if visitors dwell more time on your site and visit multiple times it considers your website is useful and relevant to the user. 

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    7. Increase and improve your Websites content:

    So know talking about the content it is an entire Content Marketing Strategy that is the main source to drive organic traffic. It is proven that content is the King, the killer content will undoubtedly & automatically increases organic traffic to website-free. 

    If your content is very old then you need to consider replacing or improving existing content. Identifying and fixing non-performing content 

    Here are some things to consider when improving existing content:

    Is the metadata optimized? 

    Is the content engaging and useful? 

    Is there enough content on the page? 

    Is the content optimized for users?

    Does the content link out to relevant sources?

    Does the content have a high Click-through rate (CTR)

8. Blog regularly:

Designing blogs and posting informative and relevant articles leads to boosting and Increase Organic traffic to website, Blogging is tremendously beneficial. By writing SEO friendly content it helps to reach out to our target audience, at the same time it will boost up your website with more customer engagements

 It means the User automatically spends more time, dwell time it acts as a major ranking factor gets ranked in SERP. It will build up the trust and authority of your site which is a major ranking factor and adds more value to website

Your Bog Always should be Informative, Relevant. By using blogs we can target our audience with our keywords and our competitors’ keywords too. Publish articles regularly by targeting keywords in order to convert the traffic. 

9. Optimize short URL’s, titles, descriptions & Images:

Here come the SEO on-page factors, as we all know about all SEO on-page factors should be optimize as per the search engines guidelines to be visible in SERP.

Before landing in on our internal pages user is going to visit our website by making decisions on how our snippet is visible in SERP itself.

Snippet: Combination of Meta Title, Url, Meta Description which is displayed on SERP.


Dominate Featured Snippet:


  • One of the Advanced SEO techniques-2021 is, here you can’t request that search engines to provide you with a featured snippet. However, by following some steps it will increase your chances of appearing in the snippet.
  • Identify your keywords that are already ranking that produces future snippets, which means your site should be done with on-page optimization and already ranking on SERP, Sites without on page one will not appear in a snippet.
  • Use snippet-friendly keyword phrases like Why, What, How & TOP, numbers listing, Match your content with the answered question phrases.
  • Structure the answer for crawlers, use h1 to h6 header tags for titles and subheadings in order to guide the crawler.
  • Use SEO-Friendly Optimized Image, the future snippet is combined with the image so use proper and relevant Image with proper Alt text, Alt Tags. The Image, Question-based content, title, headings should be matched then only it the possibility of appearing in the future snippet.
  • Drive clicks from the snippet by formatting the content as steps. Even if you are not manageable to win the featured snippet spot, this will improve content performance by making it more crawlable.
  • In order to boost up, be visible & get ranked these are some on-page SEO techniques to increase organic traffic to the website.
website loading time optimization seo techniques

10. Increase websites Usability, Technical SEO:


Your website’s usability is nothing but how easy it is for users & Search engines to access, navigates, and engage. It is nothing but user experience. Need to work on Technical SEO.

  • Reducing site loading speed
  • Page loading speed
  • Finding and fixing 404 errors
  • Identifying and replacing 301 Redirects if any used
  • Improving internal linking
  • Improving Metadata and schema mark up of your content
  • It will all be rectified once you perform SEO Audit for your website.

11. Use Internal Links and allow some incoming links also:

Some wrong types of links can harm your ranking which impacts and stops to Generate More organic traffic to website, so it is very impertinent to identify and fix toxic and broken links.

The strength of your website link profile isn’t alone determined by how many backlinks you get –it majorly can also get badly impacted by your internal linking structure too. While creating and publishing the content make use of healthy, quality, relevant Internal linking.

It is an opportunity to engage your users by spending more time on your website, this not only helps SEO but also gives positive results, it is one of the major off-page and on-page seo Techniques to engage and increase organic traffic to website.

 12. Blow your own trumpet by using social Media:

As we all know how effective social media works not only users, globally almost everyone’s presence will be & active in social media, It is as the biggest platform where we can find a wide range of reach and drive traffic, social media is the best tool to promote and drive traffic.

So promoting your websites and services by using a wide range of social media platforms will give you the opportunity to Increase website Traffic free.

Finally to conclude, these are some latest and advanced seo techniques to grow Organic Traffic to your Website, I hope this will help to take your website to the next level in 2022.


How to Improve website traffic-endtrace

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