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Google DFP – DoubleClick for Publishers Course Online Training

? 30 hours of Instructor-Led Google DFP Training

 ? Real World use cases and Scenarios 

 ? Hands on Practical Experience 

? Provide Account Access

Google DFP – DoubleClick for Publishers Course online Training by Industry Expert from basics to advanced Level. in this Course you will Learn how to manage Ad operations in Real-Time by DFP Expert from Ad server. 

Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Training will help you sell direct ads on your website more effectively.

Google DFP, or DoubleClick for Publishers is a free ad server from Google that lets you sell ad space on your website more effectively and also helps maximize your advertising revenue from active Google AdSense account.

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Google DoubleClick for Publishers Course Training Overview

What is DoubleClick for Publishers?
DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is an ad server that lets publishers sell and manage their own ads. In other words, if you own a website, you can sell an ad to the mechanic down the street and manage its price, schedule, delivery, and reporting through DFP. It can also be integrated with ad networks like Google AdSense. 

Google DFP streamlines your ad management, whether you deliver ads to websites, mobile webpages, mobile apps, games, or a combination. We offer a complete Doubleclick for publishers DFP training online. Google DFP Training in Hyderabad by industry expert.

A core value proposition behind DFP is revenue optimization: It can select which ad to show, based on a set of configurable rules, to always ensure the publisher is making the most money possible.

What is Google AdSense?
Google AdSense is an ad network. It helps publishers monetize traffic to their website by displaying ads sold to advertisers by Google. When ads get clicked, publishers get paid.

What Will you Learn in this Google DFP Course?

  • How to inserts the Google Publisher Tag (GPT) JavaScript code into a webpage.

  • The most common residence for ad campaigns.
  • Why you need a premium ad campaign.

  • Solutions for DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick for Advertisers.

  • Introduction to DoucbleClick for Publishers Ad server as Google Ad Manager Platform.

  • How DoubleClick for Publishers Work…

  • Doubleclick fundamentals exam.

  • DoubleClick campaign manager certification.

  • DoubleClick campaign manager tutorial.

  • DoubleClick for advertisers training.

  • Doubleclick ad exchange.

  • Why you should choose DoubleClick for Publishers for your business and career.

  • How to track and report your impression and clicks for your ad campaign

  • Google Certification on DoubleClick for Publishers.

  • One central place to traffic your entire ad networks, apps, games, and sites. 

  • Advanced forecasting which will present you a better sense of how many impressions you will have available to sell to your direct advertisers.

  • Core DoubleClick Bid Manager Functionality and how it works with DoubleClick for Advertisers.

  • How to analyze and optimize campaigns.

  • So Why Is DoubleClick For Publishers And All This Information Important To Learn?

  • As a Certified Marketing Partner:

  • You can stand at an advantage position, because DoubleClick brand and partner badge will enable you to stand out among your equals.

  • Locate new clients by advertising your business in the DoubleClick Partner Directory.

  • You will gain full access to DoubleClick sales and marketing materials.

  • It will enable you hone your DoubleClick skills with customized certifications.

Who will learn This Google DFP Course ?

This is one of the most valued and a respected IT professional whose market demands is growing rapidly with the emergence of new job roles. This Google DFP course is ideally suited for:

  1. SEO Professionals
  2. Digital marketing managers 
  3. Google (Ads) Adwords Experts
  4. MBA Graduates Freshers and Experienced
  5. Social Media Marketing 
  6. Email marketing Professionals 

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