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It is really hard to get a perfect SAT score, even if you are really smart and study a lot. You can’t miss even one question. Chances are there will always be a few hard questions, or you just miss them, even if you could have gotten them when under less pressure. I think that people with perfect scores are smart, study hard, and are also pretty lucky.

Here we are sharing a few Expert Words that will help to get high Score in SAT Exam


If you want to take the SAT, you must make sure you are familiar with SAT exam pattern, SAT preparation tips and other important information pertaining to it.

The SAT and SAT subject tests are designed to check an aspirants preparedness for colleges and whether he fits to be among rest of the students. The test is accepted by majority of the colleges and universities spread across USA and many other foreign countries.

SAT Preparation Tips: Writing

The writing section of SAT 2017 comprises of two tasks. They are multiple-choice questions and an essay.

The multiple-choice questions include sentence corrections where you would be required to select the right answer from a list of given choices.

Also Besides, you will be given a relevant topic to write an essay on.

SAT Preparation Tips to crack:

Grammar: To begin with SAT Preparation tips, the first step is to get your grammar right. The multiple- choice questions which involves selecting the right answer will mostly test your grammar skills. So, bring out your Wren and Martins and get started with your grammar. Besides, there are many websites, which provide help on improving your grammar.

Read: Your preparation can never be complete without reading. Since, you will also be asked to write an essay, the best way to prepare for it would be to keep yourself updated with all the recent happenings across the world. This will help you to put your point across at the time of writing the essay.

Write sample essays: Take a topic and start writing on it. Check the most common topics that usually come in SAT. 2017 Consider these points while writing:

1. Which direction do you want to give your argument essay?

2. Jot down all points for or against the issue.

3. Filter your points. Select only those points that are based on reason.

4. Divide your argument into sections to make your points clear.

SAT Preparation Tips: Critical Reading

The Critical reading section has two main tasks. They are Sentence completion and reading comprehension. Both the sections test your vocabulary and your skills at analysis.

SAT Preparation Tips to crack:

Brush up your vocabulary: The sentence completion task is similar to your basic fill in the blanks. So, be updated with the latest vocabulary tips.

Practice sample papers: Practice SAT Sample Papers as much as you can. Never leave critical reading to the last moment. Samples make you ready for critical reading.

Scan for the right answer: Analyse your answer choices carefully and check for a word similar to the one you have selected. Eliminate the choices that do not match up to your selection point of view.


The more practice tests you take, the better, and that include going over your answers to figure out what you did wrong for all the questions you answered incorrectly. What worked for me was taking one practice test every week for a couple of months. Every Sunday morning, I would set aside a 4-hour block of time to take a practice test.

Try to recreate the testing environment. Eliminate all distractions, and time yourself as you would be during the test. I challenge you to try to go even faster than the given time limits. That will quickly make you excel at breezing through the SAT.

Practice, Practice, Practice, and that will make all the difference.


I got 2320 in the first try using the below-mentioned tips. I can confidently say that SAT is a very coachable test. Keeping on working hard even if you feel stuck, I promise you will see a sudden increase in your scores..

1) first of all, DO BUY THE OFFICIAL SAT GUIDE. The sample papers in the book are indispensable. This book should be your sat prep bible.

2) The maths section is incredibly scoring. I’d recommend john Chung’s book which tries to identify patterns in the test questions and groups them in 50 types. Although the questions might appear easy, it is essential to practice as even a single wrong question can drop your score by 30 to 50 points.

3) the MCQs of the writing section is again very scoring. The key here is practice. Erica Meltzer provides all possible question types in her grammar workbook. Do it and you are golden.

Analyze each and every problem you get wrong in the sat official book. For the essay, prepare a set of 15 examples beforehand. Many examples work in multiple scenarios.

I used Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi and Jane Eyre innumerable times. I’ve heard of students using spiderman and house m.d. ( show) as examples and getting good scores. Test makers test your content and not your composition.

Go with an open mind and make use of any possible connection you can make. I used the example of reforms in the SAT to illustrate the need to change in a competitive world!!

4) The Reading section primarily depends upon deduction and inference skills. While these skills are relatively difficult to learn in a short span of time, they can surely be polished. Practice reading laborious and uninteresting passages without losing focus.

Try to get into the passage. Place yourself in the writer’s shoes. Do not simply go through the passage. At the same time, make sure that you spend more time answering the questions than reading itself. Also memorizing vocabulary lists help. That being said do not spend too much time on it.

5) Practice from the official book. Do every test paper. Analyze your mistakes. If you need more reading passages, buy the official online course. It has a few more sample papers.


It depends on how much time you have to prepare and where you are currently with your abilities with reading comprehension, writing (including grammar) and math.

I’m sure most students hate to hear this, but it does.
With that said, I’m more of an Essay and Reading Comprehension professional in the field and will speak about these two only. In terms of the others, I would have to refer to my peers who take care of the other two.

You get 10 practice tests to get very familiar with the different types of passages and questions in the sentence completion sections — again this is for reading. You should try and answer the questions within the period that you’re given, i.e., 25 minutes or 20 minutes as the sections tell you and then go over the questions you feel hazy about or simply get wrong. In simple terms, truly understand why you got them wrong and why the correct answer is the one to choose in the future. However, if you need more help, you’ll want to refer to the many other sources that can help you improve your understanding on the Reading Comprehension sections.


You can conclude SAT preparation, by taking SAT Official practices tests, published by College Board, one by one and try completing all of them. This gives you the practice to remain concentrated for full exam duration and also helps you in bridging the knowledge gap.

Practice makes you perfect. Take the most recent one, answer as if you are doing in a test center and within the prescribed time. Evaluate your answers, you have a scoring sheet and also explanations to answers available. Review all wrong / guessed questions and understand how you can get them right next time. Adopt this iterative approach, until you complete all official tests and will improve your overall score.


Doing well on the SAT is one of the best ways to show colleges that you’re smart. Following these tips* should help you greatly enhance your SAT score:

· Read a lot. This will make you a faster reader, leaving you more time to work on actually answering the question. It will also give you a good innate grasp of grammar.
· Memorize a bunch of words. The list in Gruber’s SAT Prep book is the premier source for this.
· Read a highbrow publication like the Economist regularly. The complexity of its articles seems to closely match that of SAT articles. Also, their writing is superb.
· Do enough practice problems. Review your answers, especially the ones you get wrong.

This gives you a chance to
(1) learn to innate pace yourself, which is better than looking at your watch all the time.
(2) will get you used to the traps for the unwary.

Final Words:

If you still insist on going for the ultimate gold star, here’s what I suggest as far as practical study tips:

  1. Hire a private tutor who has gotten a perfect score or very close to it
  2. Take many, many practice SATs (more than 20 if possible)
  3. Thoroughly review every incorrect answer on your practice SATs
  4. Learn all the relevant math very thoroughly
  5. Read, read, read every day

To improve your reading skills you must start reading relevant SAT articles, journals, Novels, etc. You may refer to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Post. Pay attention to the points that the author makes and how they use evidence to back up those points.

Best of luck, and keep me posted as you begin your preparation.

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