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Everyone wants to improve organic CTR for stepping ahead in their respective areas but for that one needs to gain proper Knowledge and they should know some SEO tips to increase the organic click-through rate. As there are many factors to it, some of the important topics which we will cover are

  • What is organic CTR in SEO?
  • Is organic CTR a Google SEO Ranking Factor?
  • What are the benefits of boosting organic CTR to a website?
  • How to calculate the CTR formula?
  • How to improve organic CTR?
  • What is a good CTR for organic search?

So let us understand each topic in detail. Let’s start from the very basic and important question that is 

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What is organic CTR in SEO?

Organic CTR that is click-through-rate is nothing but the percentage of searchers who click on a search engine result. For example, if you are ranking at number 2 in the search engine result page for a keyword that hundred people are searching for in a month and out of these people ten clicked on your link then your organic CTR for that keyword would be 10%.

Don’t get confused between CTR and conversion. Both are different! The searcher may click on your link but whether he or she is contributing to your conversion or not is a different matter.

How to Improve Organic CTR - endtrace

Is organic CTR a Google SEO Ranking Factor?

The main point is that, if a page is ranking in 3rd position, but gets a higher-than-expected CTR, Google may decide to rank that page higher because many of the people are indeed interested in that result. Tracking your organic CTR to improve organic CTR is one metric you can use to understand whether your content is successful or unsuccessful.

It will not help you rank better on Google but getting more traffic to your website is always a good thing. By this, you will get more conversions. 

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How to improve organic CTR? What are the benefits of boosting organic CTR to a website?

It is quite obvious that organic CTR is very important, firstly because a higher click-through rate means more traffic secondly, it will boost your organic search position.

Increasing your click-through rate will also increase your conversion rates. If you can Increase CTR by two times then your conversion rate should increase by 50 percent.

That is the reason why click-through rate is one of the most important metrics 

How to calculate the CTR formula?

The formula to calculate click-through rate is simple, clicks/impressions = CTR. This means if you are getting 5 clicks and the number of impressions is 100 then, 5/100 which is 5%.

CTR should be higher so that you can be seen on the search engine result page and can get as many as clicks you deserve.

Now it’s pretty clear how to calculate CTR, now let us know how to improve organic CTR.

How to Calculate CTR Formula - endtrace

How to improve organic CTR? 

It is clear that one needs to improve organic CTR but how is the question? 

Below are the top 5 ways by which you can improve your click-through rate organically

Check the current state of your click-through rate-

before jumping into the race of improving your CTR, you must know the current scenario of your website. After that, you can set up a good strategy for what aim you have to achieve and how much more you have to achieve.

Improve your page titles

the title should be 100% relevant to the content you are providing. Making a good title seems too easy but is totally opposite. You have to give it time so that you can make exactly what you need. Mention proper keywords and make them as attractive as you can

Focus on the URL structure to make it effective-

your URL should also be perfect and totally relevant. Think from the perspective of the searchers and then only you can finalize the proper URL structure for your website.

Your meta descriptions should be perfect-

In the meta description, you can tell potential visitors that what they can expect from your content or what exactly is in the link that they will be reading about. It should totally be relevant to the title you are giving. Also, try to put some relevant keywords in your meta description.

Make page loading speed a priority-

page loading speed is a very important factor Firstly, check your page loading speed on different devices because you can not focus on a single device. Make your page light so that the loading speed can be turned good.

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What is a good CTR for organic search?

It totally differs from sector to sector but the average organic CTR is 3-5% which is considered good. So, if your CTR is low and not meeting this metric then try to improve organic CTR more.

You can not improve your organic CTR by only doing one particular thing. You have to do various activities hand in hand to achieve success. Do on-page and off-page SEO. Both are equally important.

Read in detail about Google SEO Ranking Factors and Google Ranking Algorithms so that you can get an idea about the things you have to do and the areas where you have to work more.

Work on your domains, URLs page speed, etc., all these falls under technical SEO ranking factors. These are some of the important SEO tips to increase the organic click-through rate

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