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We do SEO On-Page Meta tags design and optimization from SEO expert. Solve web bot crawl issues, index issues

We do SEO full on-page optimization for your website with 100% Google algorithms friendly (White Hat SEO) @ $220

We do comprehensive keywords research based on your website and target industry and will design perfect SEO Meta Tags that will help you to get top rank on Google and other major search engines.

We also do setup Google Analytics in Advanced level, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Tag Manager and more.

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Technical Help on Search engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Technica SEO Audit? 

Overall, auditing your website for marketing and SEO purposes involves a variety of tools and services. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your web pages and your presence in online so that we can deliver a clear picture for you.

Here are some of the elements included in our audits.

* Researching your competitors

* Keywords Research

* Site structure Analysis

* Online Reputation and more

Technical SEO auditing. We look through your site to fix any problems, such as broken links or missing pages.

Our Technical SEO audit team will determine and guide you what steps you can take to increase your website’s online presence the right way.

We are known for providing online technical support and help for those who are seeking helping hand  SEMRush, MOZ, Google Trends, Google Tag manager.

SEO Optimization Strategies Implementation

Technical SEO factors involves below:

✔ On-Site Structure Analysis

✔ Competitor’s Research

✔ Comprehensive Keywords research

✔ On-Page SEO Audit Report Generation

✔ Meta Tags Designing (Title Tag, Meta Description) 

✔ Solve Web Bots Index Issues

✔ Quick Index Newly Added Webpages by web Bots

✔ robots.txt file validation, Creation, SetUp

✔ Create Custom robots.txt file as per Client website need

✔ Sitemap.xml File validation, Creation, Setup

✔ Canonical URL Setup

✔ URL Rewrite & Optimization 

✔ Image Optimization

✔ Internal Links Validation & Optimization 

✔ Header Tags Optimization 

✔ URL Redirect Configuration (301, 302)

✔ Google Index Issue finding & Resolve

✔ Google Analytics Account Setup

✔ Google Webmaster Tools Setup

✔ Google Tag Manager Integration & Setup

SEO Tools setup:

✔ Google Analytics (GA)

✔ Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console)

✔ Google Tag Manager (GTM)

✔ SEMRush SEO Audit Tool

Website Analysis Tools we use:

✔ MOZ SEO Website Analysis Tool 

✔ Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool 

✔ Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool 

✔ Google Trends: Keywords Checker Tool

What Our Technical SEO Audit Covers

On-Site Structure Analysis Report


The major analysis works that we do covers the following major factors:

  • HTTPS / SSL Setup
  • Website Responsiveness
  • Web-pages Navigation
  • Website Loading Time
  • Web-pages Content
  • Blog Presences
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager

On-Page SEO Analysis Report


The major analysis works that we do covers the following major factors:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Meta Keywords Tag
  • Meta Robots Tag
  • Canonical tag
  • URL Structure
  • og: Tag (open-graph tags)
  • Schema Tags
  • Images Tags
  • Header Tags
  • robots.txt file
  • sitemap.xml/html Files
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Anchor text / links

Links / Pages Analysis Report


The major Links analysis works that we do covers the following major factors

  • Total no.of Links
  • Total n.of Internal Links
  • Total no.of external Links
  • Found 404 Error pages
  • Broken Links
  • Web-pages with 301 redirects
  • Web-pages with 302 redirects
  • No.of back-links

 Social Profiles Analysis Report


The Social Media analysis works that we do covers the following major factors

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Twitter Profile
  • YouTube Channels / Vidoes
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Instagram Profile
  • Foursquare and more

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