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Become a Freelance Automation Mentor – Remote Job

? Complete Work from Home / Remote Job Opportunity 
? Work 2- 3 hours daily, Monday to Friday only
? Experienced QA mentors needed
? Flexible work schedule
? Direct payment to mentor’s bank
? International clients
? Start at $15/hour
? Help clients succeed
? Rely on mentor expertise
? Competitive rates offered
? Apply to mentor now

To be a successful mentor on Endtrace.com, you should have at least 8 years of automation testing experience, including manual testing. We’re looking for mentors who are experts in the following skills:

  • Selenium
  • Selenium with Java
  • Selenium C#
  • Hybrid Framework using .Net, C# and NUnit
  • Visual Studios
  • TestNG, Junit
  • IntelliJ, Eclipse
  • Cucumber Framework
  • Katalon
  • Cypress
  • Design custom TestNG Framework
  • MAVEN, Gradle, Jenkins
  • JavaScript, JQuery
  • JIRA, HP Quality Center
  • Git, GitHub
  • Manual Testing

If you have experience in any of these skills and are confident in your ability to mentor others, we encourage you to apply to become a mentor on our platform. Our clients rely on our mentors to complete their job-related automation testing tasks with ease, and we’re looking for skilled and experienced professionals who can deliver on this promise.

Become Mentor

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Convert your automation testing skills into a high-paying freelance job with Endtrace

Are you an experienced QA automation testing professional looking for high-paying freelance jobs that offer flexibility and convenience? Look no further than Endtrace.com!

At Endtrace.com, we offer a platform for job support in automation testing to clients who need help with their job-related automation testing tasks.

As a mentor on our platform, you can play a crucial role in helping these clients complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Our platform offers a unique opportunity for automation testing freelancers to earn money directly into their bank accounts, with no media in between the client and the mentor.

As a mentor, you can work for just 2 – 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday, at a time that is convenient for both you and the client.

Most of our clients come from the US, Australia, the UK, and other countries outside of India.

Endtrace.com pays its mentors in USD, starting from $15 per hour. We offer competitive rates that are sure to attract the most experienced and skilled QA automation testing professionals.

If you’re looking for high-paying freelance jobs that offer flexibility, convenience, and the opportunity to share your expertise with others, Endtrace.com is the platform for you.

Our clients need Automation Testing job support for job-related tasks and activities, and you can help them complete their tasks with ease.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a mentor on our platform and start earning money while helping others succeed.

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Disclaimer: Endtrace Training as a third party service provides service to their clients/candidates who is looking for IT technical support in their current jobs. We don’t have any direct contract or agreement with their employer. We work on behalf of the candidate in their task which is assigned to them and we will not share any information to others. We are no way related to their employer or company they work with as we work through the candidates/clients who needs IT technical support.

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