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Apache Spark and Scala Training Course By Working Professional

? 30 hours of Instructor Led Apache Spark and Scala Training

 ? Real World use cases and Scenarios 

 ? Hands on Practical Experience

 ? Expert & Certified Trainers

Apache Spark is considered as one of the robust open-source framework used to process Big Data which is developed using Scala programming language

In this Apache Spark and Scala Training, our industry experts will impart an in-depth knowledge on Spark RDD, Spark SQL, Hive SQL, Spark Summit, Spark MLlib and Spark Streaming

Spark and Hadoop are the most popular big data processing frameworks. Being faster than MapReduce, Apache Spark has taken an edge over the Hadoop in terms of speed. Also, Spark can be used for the processing of different kind of data including real-time whereas Hadoop can only be used for the batch processing..

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Apache Spark and Scala Training Course Overview

Learning Objectives: Understand Big Data and its components such as HDFS. You will learn about the Hadoop Cluster Architecture and you will also get an introduction to Spark and you will get to know about the difference between batch processing and real-time processing. 

Also, Apache Spark and Scala online training course let the candidates know about Evolution of Distributed Systems, Limitations of MapReduce in Hadoop, Language Flexibility in Spark, Features of Scala and many more

Apache Spark and Scala online training course is designed for Analytics professional, Data scientists, BI and report professional and Graduates who wants to learn and do their project on Big Data Analytics area

Introduction to Apache Spark

  • Introduction to Apache Spark
  • Why Spark

  • Batch Vs. Real-Time Big Data Analytics

  • Batch Analytics – Hadoop Ecosystem Overview

  • Real-Time Analytics Options

  • Streaming Data – Storm

  • In Memory Data – Spark, What is Spark?

  • Spark benefits to Professionals

  • Limitations of MR in Hadoop

  • Components of Spark

  • Spark Execution Architecture

  • Benefits of Apache Spark

  • Hadoop vs Spark 

Introduction to Scala

  • Features of Scala 

  • Basic Data Types of Scala

  • Val vs Var

  • Type Inference

  • REPL

  • Objects & Classes in Scala

  • Functions as Objects in Scala

  • Anonymous Functions in Scala

  • Higher Order Functions

  • Lists in Scala

  • Maps

  • Pattern Matching

  • Traits in Scala

  • Collections in Scala

Spark Core Architecture

  • Spark & Distributed Systems
  • Spark for Scalable Systems

  • Spark Execution Context

  • What is RDD

  • RDD Deep Dive and Dependencies

  • RDD Lineage

  • Spark Application In Depth and Spark Deployment

  • Parallelism in Spark

  • Caching in Spark

Spark Core Architecture

  • Spark Transformations, Actions, Cluster and SQL Introduction
  • Spark Data Frames
  • Spark SQL with CSV, JSON, and Database

Spark Streaming

  • Features of Spark Streaming
  • Micro Batch
  • Dstreams
  • Transformations on Dstreams
  • Spark Streaming Use Case
Debugging, Databases and Project Skeletons
  • Debugging

  • Dealing with Errors

  • Using Unit Tests

  • Project Skeleton

  • Required Packages

  • Creating the Skeleton

  • Project Directory

  • Final Directory Structure

  • Testing your Setup

  • Using the Skeleton

  • Creating a Database with SQLite 3

  • CRUD Operations

  • Creating a Database Object.

Scikit and Introduction to Hadoop
  • Introduction to Scikit-Learn

  • Inbuilt Algorithms for Use

  • What is Hadoop and why it is popular

  • Distributed Computation and Functional Programming

  • Understanding MapReduce Framework Sample MapReduce Job Run

Why Most of the students Choose our Trainer?
  • Training from Real-Time Working Professional Only
  • It is 100% Job Oriented Training Program
  • Trainer give access to Live Projects to Practice by You
  • Free Resume Writing
  • Technical Support even after Course Completion
  • Backup Classes for missing topics
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Profile optimization Techniques on online JOB Portals
  • Real Case Studies/Examples provided to clear Interviews Easily
  • Practical Knowledge Training on Every Topic
About Trainer Profile
  • Trainer is Current Working in Top MNC Company in lead role
  • 12+ years of Total IT Experience with multiple roles like Software Development, cloud infrastructure Servers and Automation
  • Trained 150+ students Classroom and Online on DevOps and AWS
  • Trainer is well qualified,  had rich industrial and teaching experience

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